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Traveling With Your Pet

We currently received an update from the USDA Office.  Please review "Traveling with your pet".  The travel documents and policy change throughout the year.  You must verbally clarify with your travel airlines what proper documents your pet(s) need prior to the travel dates.


USDA Official Stamp and Signature from the USDA Veterinarian will be required for your travels.  You must go in person to their office location.  If traveling by plane you must contact the USDA Office at (310)725-1970, their location:     222 Kansas Street, El Segundo, CA 90245.

All international travel require separate forms entering their country.  You must contact both the USDA office, the visiting country embassy for proper travel documents.

RABIES:  Pet becomes eligible to travel 21 days after the completion of the recommended rabies vaccine was given.  Please Note:  Some airlines require pet health certificates to be issued within 10days of departure which can impact when you need to have your pet evaluated and vaccinated.  Please check with the airline you are traveling with for its regulations on pet health certificates.  The restrictions vary considerably from one carrier to another.  Therefore, we urge you to contact airlines early and familiarize yourself with their specific requirements well in advance of anticipated travel.

All pets traveling internationally must have a micro-chip implanted 3 weeks prior to departure, but separate from the date your pet(s) rabies vaccine was given.  Please allow

Accompanying Pet

Health Certificate provided by Cottage Animal Hospital must contain the following:

1.  Identification of the animal by means of a readable tattoo or an electronic identification system (transponder/microchip), which provides the pet owners' and address.

2.  Statement that the animal has been vaccinated for rabies.

The certificate will expire 30 days after the signature by  the official veterinarian, or endorsement by the competent authority, or until the date of expiry of the vaccination, whichever is earlier.

All other forms must be provided by the owner when the appointment is made.   Due to clarification of forms, we ask for a 48 hour turn around for a final completion of all documents.

 /storage/app/media/5bf833ef852c6_traveling_brochure.pdf  Please follow and review the check list for your destination requirements.