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Dental Promotion

RECEIVE $50.00 OFF your pet's schedule Dental Procedure.

The importance of routine dental care cannot be stressed enough.  Delaying or abstaining from dental cleanings can have drastic implications on your pet's overall health.  As tarter builds up, the gum becomes inflamed and swollen, the mouth is painful and bad breath is noticeable.  Further periodontitus leads to abscesses along the gum line causing infection.  Left unattended, the infection and related bacteria can enter the bloodstream throughout the body, which can damage the kidneys, liver and heart.  The blood work, in addition to screening for bacteria, screens for the early detection and treatment of diseases and disorders such as hypothyroidism (too little production of thyroid hormone), or hyperthyroidism (excess production of thyroid hormone), and early kidney or liver disease.  Blood work is recommended for older pets at least once per year.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has declared February "National Pet Dental Month."  Because oral health is a serious medical concern, We will offer a $50.00 discount during the months of February and March to promote dental hygiene for your pet.